Downloading the Full Installation File Set for SOLIDWORKS

Downloading the entire installation file set can be quite handy, most notably when you would like to install SOLIDWORKS on a different computer. This would mean you would only need to download the installation files once and re-use it at a later date, rather than having to re-download it again.

NOTE: This is only available for new customers or customers with a current/active subscription to SOLIDWORKS.

The following steps outline how to download the full SOLIDWORKS installation file set via the Customer Portal. Click here to access the Customer Portal.


1. Sign into the Customer Portal with your SOLIDWORKS ID OR sign up to the customer portal and follow all prompts to register the serial number to your email

NOTE: If any account details are incorrect, you can contact your Account Manager to have this resolved.

In the meantime complete the sign-up process and corrections can be made afterwards. This will prevent padlocks on your portal so you can continue with the steps below.


 2. After logging-in or successfully signing up, go to the DOWNLOAD group and select the hyperlink Downloads and Updates (SEE image below):

3. Then choose the year release (see RED box) and Service Pack (see BLUE box) you would like to install:

NOTE: The Product list and Service Pack‘s will be updated throughout the life-cycle of the chosen SOLIDWORKS version

4. Follow the prompts and download the initial setup file to your preferred folder.
5. Run the setup file to launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.
6. On the first (1st) page of the Installation manager, select the Download and share all files option and then click Next:

7. Confirm or place in your Serial Numbers, click Next and you will land on the Summary page:

8. [Optional, but recommended] In the Download Options group box, you can click on the Change button and choose where the full installation file set will be downloaded to.
9. Accept the terms of the SolidWorks License Agreement and click Download Now
10. Wait for the download to complete.

From there, you will be able to launch the installation from the setup.exe that from the folder that was just downloaded.

We hope this helps and if there are any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Written by Marlunn Oducayen (Application Engineer)


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