Customer Profile – Toyo Tyre & Rubber


When you mention Toyo Tire & Rubber Australia the first thing many people think of is tyres. However, this is just one niche of the 45-year-old company which produces a wide range of products from its world-class manufacturing centre in Sydney’s south for both the local and overseas markets.

Toyo Tire & Rubber Australia manufactures natural and synthetic rubbers, mixed compounds, extrusions, sheets and rolls of rubber. These are converted into anti-vibration parts (engine/motor/differential/exhaust mounts), strut mount bushes, stabilisers, dynamic dampers, couplings, CV joint boots, O-rings, conveyor belts, seat cushions, air suspension components and more. The company is very committed to research and development and has a state of the art in-house laboratory and product testing facility.

A tool which is central to their ability to innovate, analyse and test each new product is SolidWorks 3D CAD/CAM software. CADspace was responsible for introducing Toyo Tire & Rubber Australia to SolidWorks and engineer Takuma Suto says it was a simple task understanding the new application,

“SolidWorks is very intuitive and we are all quite comfortable with using its various design and analysis functions even though none of us had experienced it before. CADSPACE has been a great help with their face to face training and ongoing support to ensure that we extract the most from our investment. We use SolidWorks to design our products plus the highly specialised manufacturing equipment and even detailed floor layouts of the facility so that we can maximise our space.”

“Many of our products are designed to solve NVH – noise vibration and handling – challenges experienced by automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers. Their vehicles are all different and have different characteristics and the OEM’s have very stringent requirements which our products must meet. Toyo products feature a variety of materials such as metal and rubber which have very different properties and we need the power of SolidWorks with its incredibly accurate and realistic 3D modelling and analysis tools in order for us to continually develop world-best products for our customers.”

Takuma is currently using SolidWorks to design a one-off industrial washing machine which will clean jigs used during the spray coating of various products. The machine will allow for complete automation of this process.

“At Toyo, there are two main departments – automotive and product design – and we are always pushing the envelope when it comes to product innovation. As a result, we have developed customers in Japan, China and the Middle East from here in Australia. SolidWorks has an important part to play in this.”

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