Touch Screen Kiosks beautifully designed and custom-branded to meet individual needs, within a self-serviced life in which the world has been turning towards in the last couple of years.


IQ Kiosk is an Australian design and manufacturer of interactive kiosk hardware. Every kiosk is produced, designed, and assembled in Australia from 100% Australian materials.


Founder Mario Scanu established IQ Kiosk as an innovative and reputable organisation. His desire to build one of a kind-products and bring to the market led to IQ Kiosk acquiring SolidWorks. Previously Mario would use Sketch Up and learn from online tutorials to sketch out his designs. Mario and team had little CAD experience, despite that, he enthusiastically took up SolidWorks from CADspace. Using SolidWorks now allows him to design his own parts rather than simply doing a simplified sketch and leaving it up to suppliers to make design decisions.


“SolidWorks allows me to take control of my products and how they are manufactured I couldn’t do that with other software I had tried.”

“The Technical team at CADspace made it all so easy for me. I know I can call them at any time for advice over the phone. They have been involved with 3D CAD for such a long time that they have a wealth of knowledge and that means people like me are up and running a lot faster. The learning phase is shorter.”


CADspace team has a collective knowledge of over 30 years of CAD/CAM experience. This way, when providing technical support, the information comes with industry knowledge for real world solutions. This has played an enormous role to help Mario deal with design for manufacturing requirements.


SolidWorks has made a huge difference to how IQ Kiosk’s design decisions are made. Mario said its quite the buzz to move from screen to real product. Allowing the ability to go from draft design to a high-quality realistic render using SolidWorks Visualize. Once designed in SolidWorks, the kiosk can then be exported directly to a 3D printer. This is a great way to showcase the product to the client and get the job over the line.


With such a demanding industry, IQ Kiosk needed to stand out from the rest. With SolidWorks and CADspace’s support, Mario and his team had the ability to make the first right impression to our customers, with the ability to produce conceptual designs through to formal technical drawings produced in industry standard SolidWorks CAD.


Mario explained that “with 3D renders, the design improvements can be identified earlier (and cheaper) and changes can be easily implemented”. This is where SolidWorks really shines, in its ability to help you virtually prototype your products and help you make the changes when it is quicker and easier much earlier in the design process.

This ability to accelerate the design-to-manufacture process and make more sophisticated products has given IQ Kiosk a huge advantage over its competitors. The team is all about designing innovative touch screen kiosks including slimline with tablet, barcode readers, card swipe and RFID readers. You can even add a printer to the Kiosk. This provides the much-needed customisation capabilities that IQ Kiosk’s customer need.

CADspace, offers not only the experience of qualified engineers, but over 30 years of knowledge in the engineering industry, need a solution to a problem, we can assure you that CADspace will come up with a solution for you and your company.



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