Customer Profile – K-Hart (Solar Soaring)


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SolidWorks CAD/CAM software is the tool-of-choice for finding solutions to challenges faced by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

K-Hart International is a design, development and research company, located in Sydney, which relies on the best-of-breed 3D design tool from Dassault Systemes to develop environmentally-friendly, renewable-energy technology as well as medical products which help sufferers overcome asthma allergies subject to dust mites.

The Engineering division has designed and patented hi-tech solar-powered systems such as PV structures, dryers, solar ventilators for drying vegetables and cereal crops, wind generators which recharge batteries and pump water, and generators powered by the ocean energy. The Health division is bringing relief to the 300 million people worldwide who are affected by asthma-related allergy problems with advanced dust mite eliminators.

“SolidWorks enables us to turn ideas into highly sophisticated models that we can test to confirm their performance and efficiency and turn them into real life products”, says Dr Ranjith Obeyesekera who heads up mechanical design and is the director of engineering management at K-HART International.

“SolidWorks is very versatile and highly user-friendly. I’m really happy with it. We are using it in conjunction with the fluid dynamics Flow Works simulation tool and Motion analysis tool. This provides us with a seamless solution from the first conceptual drawings to incredibly detailed full assemblies to virtual testing in order to be certain that they perform flawlessly. Our products involve leading-edge technology which means we are often developing world-first features and components ultimately meaning that there is no room for error. SolidWorks enables us to rapidly design each part, whether they will be manufactured from steel, aluminium, plastics or rubber, and to shorten the design-to-manufacture process.”

Dr Obeyesekera initially came to Energetech Australia as the Head of Mechanical Engineering from the United States where he used the other Dassault Systemes’ 3D solution, CATIA.

“I worked on large turbines and when I came here to oversee mechanical designs I found a lot of engineers in Australia use SolidWorks. That was when I met Steve Thomas from CADspace who has more than 20 years of experience in CAD and manufacturing. He was able to help me look for the right people as well as the right software. I found SolidWorks to be a very cost-effective solution. He explained it well to me and because SolidWorks is so intuitive it didn’t take long for my team to embrace it. We all use it for product design, BOM, motion analysis, simulating the operation of assemblies and more.”

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