SolidWorks Simulation Parameters

We show you how to set up SolidWorks Simulation Parameters, which work the same way as Global Variables. The process is different to setting up a Global Variable and this can become confusing, but this guide will have you changing your Simulation Forces quickly and easily, just like Global Variables.
1. The Model
We will be performing this case study on a Spiral Staircase because we need to change the load on all the treads at once. If we were to enter the Force feature, it may take some time to reload and apply the force to the 30 individual faces, a perfect case for Simulation Parameters:

2. Simulation Setup
First, we set the Simulation up in the standard way.
For our FEA case study, we will be approximating the model with Shell because all bodies are uniform thickness.

a) Fixtures – we will be fixing the upper and lower connections for the stringers with Fixed Geometry:

b) Connections – we will be using global bonded contact to approximate the treads being full penetration welded to the Stringers.

c) Mesh – I will be using a Standard Shell Mesh with Maximum size of 25mm:

3. Force Parameter Setup
To set up a parametrically driven force, we must follow these steps:
a) Add a new external load – right click on “External Loads” and selecting your desired Load type:

b) Select the entities to apply the loads to as normal.
c) Select a new “Linked Value” from the drop down box:

d) Edit/Define new Parameters:

e) Define the new Parameter by typing a name and selecting “Simulation” as the category: (It is always a good idea to add a description of the Force so you can leave the name short and concise.)

f) Add an expression for the value by clicking on Sigma, Σ, typing the value of the Force and selecting the check mark and hit “Apply” and “OK”:

g) You can add as many different forces as you require and edit their values by clicking on “Edit/define”. To use one of these forces in your simulation, simply select the Force and click “OK”:

h) You will notice the Force value is now greyed out and corresponding to the Parametrically setup value:

i) Change the Parametric Values of Forces by either repeating steps 3) – 7) or right clicking on the new “Parameters” feature in the simulation Study and selecting “Edit/Define…”:

This Brings you back to the Parameters Dialogue box where you change the value by clicking on Sigma, Σ.

If you are on Subscription Services with CADSpace you can call us for help completing this at any time.
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