Peter Bryant was a creative in an advertising agency but today he is a design engineer in Brypar, the only Australian owned and operated manufacturer of premium grade motor sport brake calipers and uprights. The technology which enabled him to make this dramatic shift is SolidWorks and the support partner providing the expertise and training is Sydney based CAD/CAM specialist, Cadspace.BryparParts“Coming from an advertising background my creative processes are different from someone who has just trained as an engineer. They can be very structured whereas I look at things differently. Itake a holistic approach. I work out the best way to design something, structurally and aesthetically. I design visually appealing parts”, said Peter.“I find SolidWorks is easy to use. My mind sees things in 3D and this is very intuitive, it allows me to transform my ideas into real products very quickly. The hardest thing to design on a car is the upright. It has to take the suspension, the brakes and the wheel. It takes loads from different directions – bump loads, steering loads, acceleration and braking loads. Then there’s the geometry that goes with it – camber, castor, steering axis, scrub radiuses etc. If you get the upright wrong it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the car is it won’t perform well at all.”“I have become a lot more creative since using SolidWorks. It is so powerful it is allowing the business to grow and rely less and less on outsourcing – such as 3D modelling, analysis and importing point cloud data from 3D scanning.”Click here for the full article.

How much is SOLIDWORKS in Australia

How much is SOLIDWORKS in Australia? Ah yes, the million-dollar question, “How much is SOLIDWORKS?” Well, unfortunately, there’s no exact answer… But before we get into

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