SolidWorks Issue with Installation
(Blank Installation Manager)


This might be because your security settings. There are many enhanced security features on Windows 7, 8 and 10 to protect your computer that block certain Installation Manager (SLDIM) files and so the SLDIM cannot access them when its fired up.


The possible reason for such issue is:

  1. Using WinZip (or similar file compressor software) to make installation setup package of Solidworks
  2. Downloading or copying a .zip or .rar file of installation files from another computer other than from Solidworks customer portal downloads section.


To resolve this issue, you need to unblock the files related to startup screen of the installation manager.

  1. Go to your downloaded (zip extracted) Solidworks installation Folder:

[Solidworks 20XY SPXY] \sldim\lang\english\html

  1. Access file properties for each of the files – “frameset.html” and “framesetstartup.html”

RMB frameset.html -> Properties.

   3. Click on the “Unblock” option on the General tab and click apply.


You might have an Unblock Checkbox instead so please check the box to unblock the files

Make sure to unblock both the files

      4. After you unblock both the files, run the “setup” again to launch SLDIM.

Written by Bibek Bhurtel


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