SolidWorks Visualize Benchmark on CAD Workstations


This is part two of the CADspace MSI WS72-6QJ benchmark series, where we benchmark three Certified CAD Workstations as well as a Custom Built Gaming Machine. The purpose of running a second benchmark is to assess SolidWorks Visualize Ultra-HD Rendering Performance, which makes extensive use of GPU Power, with the option to utilise the CPU simultaneously.

We broke down the benchmark into several categories on four models of increasing complexity:

  • Real Time Rendering
  • CPU Rendering
  • GPU Rendering
  • Hybrid Rendering (GPU + CPU)

All models were rendered in 4K Ultra-HD Resolution with 2000 Render Passes @ 300 DPI. All camera, HDR lighting and scene settings, etc. remained consistent to the project model.

2000 Render Passes was selected because quality such as pixilation, variation and noise in the resultant image start to become less apparent from 500 Passes onward.

After many hours of rendering and benchmarking, once more the MSI WS72-6QJ outperformed all the Certified CAD Workstations we tested it against on every benchmark.

The key difference between the previous Simulation Benchmark and this Rendering Benchmark is the Custom Built Gaming Machine exceeded every machine we tested it against including the MSI WS72-6QJ in every category of this test.

The reason for this is because the results show a direct relation between NVIDIA CUDA Cores and rendering performance. SolidWorks Visualize utilizes the NVIDIA Iray Rendering Engine – a physically based rendering technology which generates photorealistic imagery by simulating the physical behaviour of light and materials which largely depends on your GPU Power and CUDA Cores for its processing performance.

We hope this gives you a general idea of what to expect from mid to high end CAD Workstations, as well as what to keep in mind when looking for a CAD Workstation with the purpose of producing high quality photo realistic renders.