Curtain e-Locker

What is Curtain e-Locker?

Curtain e-Locker is an Information Rights Management system that prevents sensitive files from leaking out of the company by any exit channels (e.g. USB hard-disk, CDR, and web mail). By using Curtain e- locker, a company can allow users to access sensitive files. At the same time, the company can control NOT to allow the users to print, save as, or send files to external sources during normal course of daily operations.

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Curtain e-locker has a unique design called Protected Zone. Administrators can define which share folders in Windows File Server are protected by the system. In order to access the Protected share folders, Curtain Client must be installed on users’ workstations. 

During installation of Curtain Client, an encrypted folder (called Local Protected Directory) will be created automatically. Users can work with the sensitive files within Protected Zone as usual (e.g. New Copy, Rename, Delete, and Edit). However, they cannot take the files out of the company if they are not authorized to do so.

It also works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS products (e.g. eDrawing, PDM, and Simulation). It greatly enhances the file security of SolidWorks.




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