SolidWorks Professional

SolidWorks® Professional gives you all the power of SolidWorks Standard with additional capabilities that increase productivity, ensure accuracy, and help you communicate your design information more effectively.

SolidWorks Professional includes libraries of standard parts and fasteners, tools to automatically estimate manufacturing costs and help convert imported geometry, and utilities that search designs for errors. Realistically render your designs with PhotoView 360 software and then share them with others using eDrawings® Professional. SolidWorks Professional also gives you integrated file management tools that securely store all project information and track all design changes. Streamline your design process and increase design productivity with SolidWorks Professional.

SolidWorks Professional Package Includes:

CAD Libraries
Design for cost (SolidWorks Costing)
Productivity Tools
CAD Standards Checking
Advanced Design for Manufacturing
Advanced Photorealistic Rendering (PhotoView 360)
eDrawings® Professional

SolidWorks Professional Capabilities


Task Scheduler

File Management

File Management


A time-saving library of Smart Parts, fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS software. SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is a simple and affordable way to be more productive every day.

Photorealistic Rendering – Visualize

Quickly and easily create sophisticated photorealistic renderings and animations inside SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with PhotoView 360. You can make powerful images and presentations, saving time, increasing productivity, and accelerating time-to-market.


With FeatureWorks®, sharing data between different CAD systems is easy. The first parametric feature recognition software for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD users, FeatureWorks enables more productive sharing of 3D models between SolidWorks and other CAD systems.

E-Drawings Professional

Collaborate more effectively with everyone involved in product development by using eDrawings™ software, the first email-enabled communication tool that dramatically eases sharing of product design information. Fast, reliable, and convenient, eDrawings files supply accurate representations of 3D models and 2D drawings created with the most widely used CAD systems on the market.

Design Checker

Streamline your organization’s design release process with SOLIDWORKS Design Checker, a productivity tool that automatically identifies elements that may be inconsistent with your organization’s design standards.


Save time and development costs, avoid redesigns, and increase productivity by continuously checking your designs against cost targets with automated manufacturing cost estimation tools fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software.

Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis (TolAnalyst)

(Available in Professional from SW 2016 onwards) TolAnalyst™ is a tolerance analysis tool used to study the effects tolerances and assembly methods have on dimensional stack-ups between two features of an assembly. The result of each study is a minimum and maximum tolerance stack, a minimum and maximum root sum squared (RSS) tolerance stack and a list of contributing features and tolerances.

Reverse Engineering (Scan To 3D)

ScanTo3D (Available in Professional from SW 2016 onwards) reduces the time required to build complex 3D models of real-world items, such as sculpted objects, and anatomical items. 3D data such as point clouds and mesh (which is attained from laser scanners and other devices) can be imported, parsed, manipulated, modified, and ultimately turned into 3D solids and surfaces.

CircuitWorks ECAD – MCAD Data Exchange

(Available in Professional from SW 2016 onwards) CircuitWorks is designed to bridge the gap between SOLIDWORKS and Electrical Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) systems by providing an intuitive tool that allows users to import and export Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs between SOLIDWORKS and ECAD systems.

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