SigmaTEK -

SigmaNEST advanced nesting solution offers a wide range of customisable, modular features to get the most out of your manufacturing operations.

The World’s Most Advanced CAD/CAM Nesting Software

With SigmaNEST, you can:

  • Import parts from any major CAD system
  • Automatically sort them into tasks by material and machine
  • Optimise your material usage and machine motion
  • Post programs to your profile cutting machines
  • Track your productivity from start to finish
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Designed to Help Fabricators Win

SigmaNEST drives nearly every type of profile cutting, routing, or punching machine to produce premium quality parts while saving valuable material and manpower. SigmaNEST offers CAD integration, an intuitive interface, and local customer support, which sets the software apart and are all reasons why SigmaNEST is the industry leader with over 21,000 systems installed worldwide.

Machines Supported:

  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Oxyfuel
  • Punch
  • Combo
  • Waterjet
  • Router
  • Knife
  • Multi-process
  • Multi Axis

Explore the full Capabilities here.

SigmaNEST is Nesting Perfected

Use less material through higher nest yield – most customers save more than 4% on material when switching to SigmaNEST

Intelligent Nesting

Powerful Inventory Management

Efficiency and Savings

Experience a variety of options to reduce pierces, save cutting time, and accurately cut your parts.

Consequently, this comprehensive approach results in ROI by optimising material utilisation, machine motion, manpower, and data management.

Versatile CAD Import

Seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS Software and automatically calculates part cost and cutting time.


Diverse CAD Import

Part Creation and Version Management

Automatic Part Cost Estimating

Accelerate Business with SigmaNEST

Streamline business with instant quoting, automated work orders and BOMs, job tracking, scheduling and integrated production data

Easy Job Handling

Job Tracking and Scheduling

Detailed Reporting

SigmaNEST Advanced Motion

SigmaNEST is one programming software for all simple and complex machines – including punch, profile, and combination

Sophisticated Toolpath Strategies

Advanced NC Profiling

SigmaNEST For Any Machine

Above all SigmaNEST empowers you to operate your shop, your way by letting you select the solution you need

SigmaNEST for Punch and Combination

SigmaNEST for Waterjet Cutting

SigmaNEST for Router and Drilling

Integrated Data

Integrate data from all areas of your operation to gain key insights and run more smoothly

Integrated CAD/CAM with SigmaNEST

Integrated Shop Floor with SigmaNEST

Integrated Business System with SigmaNEST