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CADspace is now partnering with SigmaTEK to bring you the best nesting software in the industry called SigmaNEST

SigmaNEST Software

Developed and supported by an expert team of mathematicians and engineers, SigmaNEST offers unparalleled material utilization and nesting efficiency. With unmatched versatility and maximum scalability, you can be confident in SigmaNEST’s abilities to meet your requirements, from quote to delivery and beyond.
  • From import to report in just a few clicks
  • One seat of software for all your cutting machines
  • Fast, high-yield nesting with minimal waste
  • Unmatched customization and integration options

To get the results you were promised, machines can’t simply be run “as-usual.” Industry front-runners and machine manufacturers trust SigmaNEST to achieve optimal performance. SigmaNEST laser cutting software was created through years of targeted research and development with nesting and NC programming. We support all different types of lasers, from fiber and CO2 to tube or combination machines.

One nesting solution for all machine types


Today, 3D CAD models are driving downstream manufacturing processes. Whether you are a small job shop, large equipment manufacturer, or something in between, it’s critical for you to effectively integrate your nesting solution with the CAD programs you’ve already invested in.

Click here to see just how easily and seamlessly SigmaNEST works with SolidWorks

Designed for integration

Eliminate duplicate work by easily importing key part and assembly data. From material grade and thickness to bend tolerances and processes, our next-generation software connects the systems that are integral to your core operations. Start with files from multiple sources, transforming them into accurate, production-ready parts with minimal effort.

Flawless data mapping

Eliminate duplicate work by easily importing key part and assembly data. From material grade and thickness to bend tolerances and processes, our next-generation software connects the systems that are integral to your core operations.

Advanced geometry repair

Quickly and easily repair broken, incomplete, and duplicate geometry using automated repair tools during import. For customers with advanced artwork, our Filter module smooths digitized or scanned artwork using cutting-edge curve fitting and entity reduction techniques.


SigmaTUBE is a complete tube and pipe cutting software that operates seamlessly inside SOLIDWORKS. Custom modules help you optimize material usage and get the most out of your tube cutting machine. Supported machines include Mazak FabriGear, Trumpf, Bystronic, Amada and more.


SigmaBEND AP maximizes your investments by improving the speed, quality, and flexibility of the bending process. Optimize your air bending and support bending processes, while also increasing machine up-time and decreasing the load on your operator.


SimTrans is an online transaction manager that bridges the gap between SigmaNEST and your other business systems. Real-time processing and feedback automates your shop floor process, so that you don’t have to worry about the details.

SimTrans facilitates communication between different systems through database transactions. When you enter a new order into your MRP system, the information is automatically communicated to SigmaNEST in real-time. This setup allows you to track your work orders through real-time updates and feedback. You can even check up on SimTrans through any platform, including Windows, macOS Linux, iOS, and Android-based devices.


Developed specifically to meet the requirements of the manufacturing industry.
Hence SigmaMRP is a resource planning system that integrates directly with SigmaNEST and your other business systems.It helps you manage transactions, customer, supplier and inventory information, all from one location.

Powered by the industry’s most advanced nesting algorithms, SigmaNEST drives nearly every type of cutting, punching, and bending machine. Business and design system integration, an intuitive user interface, and the best customer support in the business are all reasons why SigmaNEST is the industry-leading nesting software with over 21,000 systems installed worldwide.

SigmaNEST BHQ delivers superior Bolt Hole Quality plasma cutting. Advanced program commands automatically adjust gas pressures, plasma amperage and height controls to deliver precision cylindrical holes. Minimal taper, minimal gouging, and unmatched surface quality eliminate secondary clean-up to accelerate production.


  • Optimal feed rate
  • Cut Height control
  • Lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Plasma start-up and shutdown synchronization
  • Kerf diameter control
  • Shield gas pressure control

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