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CADSPACE partnered with SolidWorks early in 2013 and since that time we have grown rapidly into a full-service provider to our clients throughout New South Wales. In 2014 we were named as the fastest growing VAR in the SolidWorks Asia Pacific region.

Over the years we have built trusted relationships based on honesty and outstanding service levels from the most dedicated support and sales team in the country.

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Company Vision

At CADSPACE we are passionate about helping Australian companies involved in product design, engineering services and manufacturing to be as competitive and as profitable as possible. We believe that these industries can become sought after as high-level innovators and developers by the biggest names in the global village.

We are on a mission to empower businesses with a combination of world-leading, efficient technology plus comprehensive support and training plus invaluable know-how developed from 25 years of industry experience.

We seek to become a valued Technical Support Partner (TSP) to these companies now and into the future.


Our Core Values

Accountability; we take responsibility for our actions

Communication; we are easy to reach, we liaise clearly and openly

Excellence; each day we “raise the bar” higher as we strive to achieve 100% success

Encouragement; more than providing the right advice and technology, we stand alongside our clients on their journey

Honesty; in all of our dealings

Initiative; we think outside the box to find the best solutions

Innovation; we are continually exploring new and better ways to grow your business

Knowledge; we are committed to continually increasing our product knowledge so we can pass it on

Listen; we focus on understanding our clients’ businesses and their individual challenges

Passion and enthusiasm; in all that we do because we love what we do

Positive; a can-do results focused attitude

Respect; for each other and for our clients

Relationship; we value every client relationship as a long term partnership

Teamwork; the CADSPACE team works seamlessly by bringing our unique talents and skills together to produce a powerful outcome

Vision; our world view is about the future, not just today so that we can lead you in the right direction

Work ethic; we do whatever it takes to get the right results[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The CADSPACE Commitment

To run a successful business for more than 25 years involved in the ever-changing world of CAD/CAM/CAE software technology and the highly competitive product design, tool making and manufacturing industries, we must be doing something right. And we are.

We live and work by an ethos we call the CADSpace Commitment. Every action, every decision, every conversation is influenced by our core values. They are the foundation stones of who we are as individuals as well as what the business is as a whole.



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Our Customers & Partnerships

We are proud to be the trusted partner for so many incredible customers, who are innovative and are looking on ways to improve their designs, products and manufacturing

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