Customer Profile – Brypar

CADSPACE, the SOLIDWORKS distributor with more than 25 years of CAD/CAM/CAE, engineering and manufacturing expertise, has become a Technology Solution Partner to an exciting start-up designing and manufacturing high-performance uprights and brake calipers for motor sport vehicles.

Brypar is an unusual pairing of Peter Bryant, an ad’ agency creative turned engineer and Alex Parisi who has years of automotive mechanical experience. They identified a gap in the market – no one in Australia was designing or making premium uprights and brakes at a motorsport level.

Neither of them are ‘petrol heads’ – although Peter once raced go karts and owned a Formula Ford team. He says he is an engineer more than a driver and what drives him is a passion for design and engineering.


Not having any samples to work from the duo carried out a lot of research into motor sport uprights and calipers,

“The hardest thing to design on a car is the upright. It has to take the suspension, the brakes and the wheel. It takes loads from different directions – bump loads, steering loads, acceleration and braking loads. Then there’s the geometry that goes with it – camber, castor, steering axis, scrub radiuses etc. If you get the upright wrong it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the car is it won’t perform well at all”, said Peter.

Being an avid reader of race engineering magazines Peter noticed that SolidWorks was a popular CAD choice around the world, which is why they invested in it for Brypar. Coincidentally, they were approached by CADSPACE which demonstrated the capabilities of the software and helped with training and customer support.

“We find SolidWorks is easy to use. My mind sees things in 3D and this is very intuitive, it allows us to transform our ideas into real products very quickly”, said Peter.

“The guys at CADSPACE have really helped us, they gave us everything we needed – a quick tutorial, a phone call. Whenever we have any questions we know we can give them a call. When we needed help to carry out finite element analysis of our products they were there for us. They showed us what the software is capable of and, as a result, we are upgrading our version so that we can do our analysis in-house.”


The relationship with CADSPACE gave Brypar the confidence to extend their reliance on the software and explore more complex features. They have invested in 3D scanning equipment to accurately plot mounting points on their products from the reverse engineering stage. The duo plan to upgrade again to the version that allows them to import the point cloud data straight into the 3D file.

“SolidWorks is so powerful it is allowing the business to grow and rely less and less on outsourcing.”

“I was able to pick up the basics of SolidWorks myself with the help of CADspace support”, added Peter, “The render tool is straight forward. I have become a lot more creative since using SolidWorks and I’ve used these photo-realistic renders feature on our website and in our sales materials.”



Brypar have designed race-spec’ uprights and brake calipers for Mitsubishi Evolution Lancers, Subaru WRX STi’s, Toyota GT86’s and Subaru BRZ’s. Most of the sales to date have come from the Time Attack community,

“These are high-performance street cars lapping race tracks as fast or faster than proper race cars. They experience huge down force and loads but being street cars they are all restricted with their factory uprights. We worked with a Porsche team at WTAC which came fourth last year – even though they had to drop their turbo boost and reduce the down force due to some issues on the day – and this year we expect them to win – using Brypar uprights. We took a range of our parts to the track to showcase and there was enormous interest from teams and engineers alike.”


“With all of our research, the power of SolidWorks and that ongoing support from CADSPACE we have been able to set up a premium business on a modest budget. We have developed a unique range of products which lower the centre of gravity, save on weight, enable the driver to alter the geometry for the circuit they are on, have bump steer and camber adjustment, a corrected roll centre…and they look amazing! They are a quick bolt-on replacement. They suit circuit racing, rallying and hill climb race vehicles. We can also design bespoke parts for one-off cars.”

Brypar’s first goal is to make the local market aware of their products and then they will turn their attention to overseas,

“Australian motorsport brands such as Motec (WRC, Le Mans, V8 Supercars), Holinger (V8 Supercars, Porsche Cup), Albins (V8 Supercars) and PWR (Formula 1, Le Mans, NASCAR, WRC, V8 Supercars) are all held in high regard around the world. We hope that one day Brypar will be a name that joins this group.”

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