This week we wanted to outline the benefits of using SolidWorks Costing to help with your quotation and estimation. You can quite easily draw this model up and then just as easily get the price on the fabrication process. This particular example shows a multibody part that includes some sheet metal and weldment components. We easily get the price for the laser cutting of the sheet metal parts, the folding and cost of material. This is the same for Weldments, were we get the cost of material and cost of cutting. If there were any drill holes, we could get the cost of that also. Keep an eye out for next costing video that will show you capabilities in SolidWorks Premium Costing, assembly costing.

How much is SOLIDWORKS in Australia

How much is SOLIDWORKS in Australia? Ah yes, the million-dollar question, “How much is SOLIDWORKS?” Well, unfortunately, there’s no exact answer… But before we get into

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