How to: Upgrade SOLIDWORKS PDM Client to a newer Version

When installing a new major release, you can upgrade a previously installed major release or install the new release in parallel. For example, you can install both SOLIDWORKS 2020 and 2021 and run them in parallel on the same computer.
If you are installing a Service Pack release for a previously installed major release, that release will be updated automatically.

A) For service pack update please follow the following steps:

1. In SolidWorks, click Help>Check for Updates.

2. The installation manager checks for the latest service pack and simply click Next:

3. Select the first option – “Install on this computer”:

4. For people who have PDM Client installed, please click “Change” to ensure the PDM Client is configured correctly.

Users with a PDM Standard Vault, must perform this step.

5. Make sure you select the correct product type. If you are unsure whether it is PDM Professional or PDM Standard, ask your colleagues, contact IT or ask the CADspace Support Team.

Users that have a PDM Standard Vault, please change the selection to PDM Standard (in PDM Product)

Tip: You can check the PDM Product by going to the PDM Administration tool and checking the display colour of the vault.

Golden: Please select PDM Professional in the PDM Product.

Grey: Please select PDM Standard in the PDM Product.


6. Finally, hit “I accept…” and click “Download and Install”

B) For Major Release updates:

You can update to the next Major Release for your current installation using the same steps as above.
Important Points:

1. If you use Standalone license (License starting with 9000 XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX), It is highly recommended to deactivate all the licenses before performing these steps. For users using Network License (License starting with X010 XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX), you don’t need to worry about deactivating the licenses.

2. If you have PDM Client installed, and if you plan to upgrade your PDM Client as well, please ensure that your PDM Server is upgraded before upgrading the Client to a new Major Release. To upgrade PDM Server, make sure to contact our helpful Technical Staff.
Note: PDM Server and PDM Clients need to be on same Major Release, otherwise PDM Client will not be able to communicate to PDM Server.

3. If PDM Users have their SOLIDWORKS Toolbox managed within the PDM Vault, please contact the CADspace Support Team so we can help you upgrade the PDM Client and SOLIDWORKS Toolbox.

After you deactivate your licenses, please Check For Updates on start menu section:

Note: If you don’t see next Major Update in the list, please login to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and download the setup file for the required Version and Service Pack. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unable to download the setup file for the next Major Upgrade from SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

You will see similar window like step 2 with the latest release. Please hit next until you see the following screen.

It is recommended to change the installation location for latest release and toolbox directory as well especially if you want to have multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS installed in parallel.

To change it, simply click on Change and paste the following into the respective directories:

Installation Location: “C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp 2021” (if you are installing 2021)

Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options: “C:\SOLIDWORKS Data 2021”

Users with PDM Client, click the “Change” option next to PDM Client to make sure correct product and client type is upgraded and installed (Follow Steps 4 and 5 mentioned above)

After that, hit “I accept…” and “Download and Install”.


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